Posted: Aug 20 2014
by: Rudi Minelle

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Norway loves Drift that Shit tee!

When we were selling tees at Gatebil just over a month ago I was approached by 2 young ladies who bought 4 of the new Drift that shit tees in Navy. Was super stoked at the time and thought nothing more of it after then.
Later when I was walking back to our stand I saw 2 guys signing autographs for the new Norwegian car film Burning and they were all wearing the Drift that Shit tee!!

Me with the lead actors Trond Halbo and Anders Baasmo Christiansen.

Once again super stoked... But it did not end there.

A month later when the movie was premiered in Oslo my facebook page lit up with people tagging me with a news article.

Both actors continued to wear the shirts on their premiere tour rounds for the movie all around Norway!!
Cannot believe the guys still had the shirts let alone wore them to red carpet events!!

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