Posted: Jul 20 2015
by: Rudi Minelle

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Gatebil Rudskogen July 2015

This one is the big one... The Gatebil where people from all over the world travel to.
Once again the Norwegian weather did not disappoint and was perfect for the largest car festival in the world!

This year there was no huge names like in the past, even Fredric Aasbø was absent this year but that only made more of the attention on the lesser known drivers and they did not disappoint!  

Once again we had our stall there selling all of our latest shirts and stickers.
The new 2JZ shirt was a huge success which is no real surprise considering how popular the engine is at Gatebil and Scandinavia.

Was very stoked this year to meet a bunch of Aussie drifter from back home who made the long trip all the way to Norway for Gatebil 2015!


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