Posted: Sep 18 2015
by: Rudi Minelle

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WTAC 2014

Last year I was lucky enough to get down to World Time Attack Challenge​ in Sydney. Yes this post is one year late but I was convinced that all the pictures I took turned out crap as I thought my camera was damaged on the flight from Brisbane to Sydney. Well I got bored the past few days and realised that WTAC 2015 is coming up, and to actually have a look at the pictures... As it turns out some of them are ok so I thought I would share them with you.

I really wanted to get down to WTAC and see a large scale event on my home soil, and see how to compared to European events like Gatebil. Without a doubt the time attack cars are on a whole different scale. The amount of carbon spoilers, diffusers and wings is crazy. It is just amazing how far aerodynamics has come and to see it put to use on older cars like Silvia's and CRX's. Was also great to see (and hear) plenty of rotaries, which is one thing Gatebil seriously lacks. The big difference is that WTAC is for the pros, and cars with sponsorship or some form of racing history. When with Gatebil its great to see guys and girls out there driving in what they built over the winter without big sponsorships. Gatebil is also about the partying, drinking and overall just having a crazy fun time. WTAC is a lot more serious than this, its more common to see 4 or 5 guys all huddled around a laptop in the pits looking at their track data then seeing a drunk guy in a monkey suit riding a golf kart which is the the norm at Gatebil.

The other thing that Gatebil has over this event is that tracks like Rudskogen are perfect for spectators, you can get super close to action and see almost every corner of the track. When with Sydney motorsport track the spectators really only have access to the main straight and a few other areas. But considering all this I think WTAC is just as good as Gatebil, Its a different event but without a doubt the Aussies take their cars a lot more serious than the Scandinavians and have much better access to tuning products and world class builders. And I know that a lot of my new Norwegian friends will disagree but the quality of the builds at WTAC are far better than anything I have seen at Gatebil.

World Time Attack 2015 is on October 16th - 17th and held at Sydney Motorsport park.
There is a huge amount of cars coming this year from all around the world so if you get a chance don't miss it!


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