101 Squadron - Diversity to the streets

101 Squadron is for people who love cars and driving them hard.

I started 101 Squadron in 2012 after I realised that all automotive and car culture clothing was outdated and daggy. I am a full time graphic designer and was always coming up with ideas for tee shirts and stickers related to  car culture,  I also worked in a skateboard shop and was inspired by skate street wear and the original designs skateboard companies always came up with.

I have been into cars since grade 8 in high school when I used to play Daytona at the local movie theatre. I was always drawing cars in class and reading my dads car magazines. When I finally got my driving licence things went into overdrive, I was obsessed with modifying my first my car... a Ford Laser. It was not fast at all but I wanted to make it stand out. From there I have owned many different cars and modified them in all their original ways.

Me and my friends used to hang out every night with our cars driving them around until the early morning, getting in trouble with the Police but overall having so much fun and just talking about cars for hours and hours... I miss those days :(

101 Squadron is built on this obsession and is for any one out there that shares this same passion.


The term diversity to the streets came about after I returned back to Australia from living over in Europe for a few years noticed the lack of modified vehicles on the road. I always loved driving with my Mum before I got my licence and noticing all the cars with different wheels or exhausts, it made driving around so much more interesting. I have always turned my head for a car that has been modified to changed in some way, anything that is different I will turn my head for.

I guess around 2007/08 the police and government in Australia really started to crack down on these types of cars and the days I remember of me and the crew parking our modified cars and driving around on a Sunday were gone.

Diversity to the streets is purely that, bringing back a diversity of different cars. Each with their own modifications that show the individuality of the owner.... Adding colour to a world filled with white camrys. 

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