Posted: Feb 10 2014
by: Rudi Minelle

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Halfway Hangs 2014

Halfway Hangs was a new event on the calendar for 2014. Brought to you by the crew over at StreetKarnage, these boys decided to organise an event for both the Sydney and Brisbane crew. The event was held at Valla Beach about 30 mins south of Coffs Harbour, and damn they could not of picked a better spot! Beautiful beaches, rad little beach towns this was perfect and peaceful place for a car show and some drifting!

The Friday was the day for the Show and Shine held in the Valla Beach tourist park. Heaps of dope cars entered included many of the drift cars that has traveled for the drifting over the weekend. Our stand was set up all day and it was rad to chat to heaps of crew and hand out stickers to everyone.

The next day saw the start of the drifting at Raleigh International Raceway.
A large Go Kart track that frequently gets used for drifting. The track has some fun corners and technical up and downhill sections that will punish you if you make a mistake. Surprisingly there was not much carnage on the day only a few broken aero parts. The biggest let down was our Boy Hilton Auld in his R32 Sedan who damaged his steering rack, this did not hold him back though and he continued to fry tyres for the rest of the day.
So many rad cars came to the event including many s-chassis cars, KE Corollas, AE86's and even a Subaru Forester that was super consistent all day with smooth power and was getting some big lock by the end of the day!

This was one of the funnest drift events I have been too, just such an cool location that was relaxing and a great place for all the crew to get together and party at night while drifting during the day.

Massive thanks goes to the crew at Streetkarnage for putting it on and letting 101 Squadron be involved. Looks like this will be an annual event and if it does it will only get bigger! 



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