Posted: May 06 2015
by: Rudi Minelle

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Norwegian Drift NM Round 1 Skien

Went out to the first round of Drifting NM in Skien Last weekend. Drifting NM is like the national competition of Drifting here in Norway.

Now that I am living in Norway I have promised myself to go to every event this year so I can get my fix of squealing tires and cool cars. The track in skien is small but looked like so much fun! Would be a perfect place to take any car no matter if it had 200Hp or 900HP you would have a lot fun.

As with all drifting events in Norway there was no shortage of 2JZs! Pro class was dominated by them, but I was not complaining.. As there is nothing better than a 2JZ at full noise in the Norwegian mountains!

Odd Helge Helstad won the pro series in his 2JZ powered S14

Love seeing our stickers on cars around the world!


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