Posted: May 28 2015
by: Rudi Minelle

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Gatebil Vålerbanen Norway 2015

Well its that time of year again...
Gatebil season has kicked off again here in Norway and I have promised myself to go to every one. Vålerbanen is the first Gatebil event of the year and the track is situated in the small town of Våler about 2 hours drive north of Oslo. Its not as big as Rudskogen where the large Gatebil event is held but the track looks like a lot of fun and has plenty of corners for the drift guys and some tight and twisty stuff for the time attack crew.

Friday the weather was poor with some light rain and overcast clouds. This did not hold back any of the action though with qualifications of the Drifting NM round going down plus practise for everyone else.

I must admit after going to a few Gatebil events and seeing these cars multiple times now I was more interested in the budget drifters. For me that is what drifting is all about. Scraping together cash for tyres and fuel and just having fun. There is an open session for these guys and its really gives a great mix if cars. You will see Volvos going door to door with S13s, old mercedes, Audi wagons and old fords. 

Saturday the weather was awesome and warmed up a lot. Which was great for me as I froze my arse off the night before in my tent... I really forgot how cold it gets in Norway this time of year once the sun goes down. Like always there was a massive crowd all day and the main corner was packed with people eager to watch some fast cars.


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