Posted: Aug 02 2014
by: Rudi Minelle

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Katelyn James Round 4 Stanthorpe writeup

On Saturday the 12th of July we started our journey to the ever so chilly Stanthorpe, home of the big apple. We arrived at 3pm and booked into our Snug cabin at Top of the town caravan park. I must say the cabin was alright with heating but I must admit the beds were awful hard which lead to a restless night. We had dinner at the steak house across the road with some other competitors. The meals were rather expensive but the drinks are cheap! Lots of laughs were had with great company. We left not too late and power walked extremely fast back to cabin cause it was freezing (literally). Not to mention we passed another competitor standing outside in the cold barefooted!!

Sunday morning we left at 6am with numerous attempts at trying to get the ice off our windscreen, had breaky and headed over to Carnell raceway.

Unloaded and got the car scrutineered, not to long after that we had driver briefing and the judges let us know what they expected from us in the qualifying and comp. The track itself explained in words is a 3rd gear track shaped in a McDonalds M with banked corners and a fast entry (throwing your car towards a steep rock hill). I picked the track up pretty much straight away with lots of comments on how good I have been driving which is always a highlight and encouragement for my driving.

We have only 30 minutes to get familiar with the track with qualifying consisting of a lead and chase run with 4 different drivers chosen at random. We are judged individually but it is still classed as battles. Unfortunately with a driver error in one of my runs dropping dirt and a issue with tire grip at the start line I didn’t make top 8. Overall the car ran flawless which is great because we have worked extremely hard the last few months improving the suspension and engine. We are looking forward to the future with this car as my driving is getting more and more competitive.

I’d like to thank 101 Squadron for supporting me this year. The next round which is the final will be held at Queensland raceway on the 6th of September. At this stage that will be my next round with a test day in between as we are developing some new steering components.
- Katelyn James Racing


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