Posted: Aug 26 2013
by: Rudi Minelle

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Welcome to 101 Squadron

Welcome to a idea that came about over 3 years ago....

I first got the idea while working at my full time job at a Skateboard shop in Brisbane, Queensland Australia. I love skateboarding and I love the fashion that comes along with skateboarding, the designs are always inspirational and fresh. My other love is cars and I thought why has no one put both together? A automotive clothing brand inspired by skate apparel?? For years I had a sketch book that I drew my ideas in, it was just a hobby though, an idea I never thought would see the light of day.

Then one rainy day I thought f%ck it, for too long I have watched so many friends starting companies with success and I knew I had a rad idea so it began.

The first was the name, it comes from 2 things. First is the skate shop were I worked called Skatebiz. This place is my home, I have spent more time here than anywhere else in my life. Skatebiz is on 101 Albert Street. The other is a skateboard company I loved as kid called 101, it was shut down around the late 90's.

The designs you see on the tees are ideas I had drawn in my sketch book,  I had some help here from other artists and can't thank them enough for helping retouch them and bring them to life. Of the maybe 200 designs I drew only 10 of them made the cut and will be printed but I am still coming up with new ideas every day and cant wait to release more designs.

Old 101 Squadron idea sketches 



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