Posted: Sep 11 2015
by: Rudi Minelle

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Gatebil Rudskogen Sept 2015

Last Gatebil in Norway for 2015  and the first September Gatebil I have ever been to.

One thing I noticed is this is a much smaller event than the July one, crowd numbers were way less  all weekend and the downpour of rain we had all Saturday did not help. But all of this did not make for any less awesome action on the track. In fact all the drivers I spoke to prefer this event as they get plenty of track time and can stay out a lot longer. Its also better for the fans and photographers as you dont need to battle through thousands of fans and can easily get around.

Once again we had our stand there and want to thank everyone that bought shirts and stickers.
Always great meeting people that follow 101 Squadron on Facebook and Instagram. This was the first event we had our new shirts available and as expected the new #becausegatebil shirt was a big seller.

We will be at all the Gatebil events in 2016 and maybe bigger? it is my dream now that I am living in Norway to own a car here and drive it at Gatebil... Maybe next year..

See you all then!


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