Posted: Oct 20 2013
by: Rudi Minelle

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Queensland Drift Matsuri 2013

I must admit I have been really lazy the past few months with getting to events here in Brisbane. I have been so busy with launching 101 Squadron that I have not had time to do anything really of late, and one of my biggest regrets is not being able to get out and chat to my fellow car enthusiasts.  Well that has all changed now that 101 is full steam ahead and the brand has been fully launched. I now have time to do things that I have always wanted and I have an excuse to be at these events so I can start to let people know about a brand I have created just for them.

Queensland Matsuri is one event I was not going to miss. I really wanted to see what are the current trends in the Aussie drift scene and see the sort of driving that south east Queensland could offer. It seems that engine swaps into S13 chassis has caught on here in Aus with a few LS, 1J and 2J conversions doing the rounds. There was also a 300ZX with an RB swap, and the classic KE70 with a V8 and also Grant Scotts AE71 now with the SR conversion.

Was also great to finally meet Hilton Auld and see his R32 Sedan with a 1JZ swap. Was looking forward to riding in this beast but about halfway through Saturday he melted a piston so no passenger rides for me.. I did however get to to see this thing out on the track earlier that day and it is a legitimate tire killing car and there in no doubt Hilton can drive!

There was heaps too see on the day with different track setups for drivers at Queensland raceway. The long track was set up so drivers could attack the corners which were split up into sections. Turn 3 through the crossover into turn 6 looked the drivers' favourite and was where most of these pictures were taken. There was also the wet track setup as well as the short course.

Was an amazing day out and a little different to what I saw at Gatebil earlier this year, in the fact that it seemed to be more grassroots level drifting. Not to say that the drivers were short on skill, in fact far from it. What impressed me the most was the fact that drivers were out in cars that were obviously built on a budget but still with a ton of tire smoke and classic sideways style!


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